Beautifully Banal Kickstarter Launching Soon!

On June 15th, a Kickstarter page is set to launch with the express purpose of making a collected edition of Beautifully Banal available in print.  In addition to the part 2 of the story already published here, parts 1 and 3, as well as some bonus writing, will be collected into a full print-edition zine.  There are also a number of various rewards set to accompany the standard print book, such as limited edition formats and 3D printed collectibles.

Beautifully Banal Pt 2

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Want to see more Beautifully Banal?  We have taken this set of drawings above and expanded The Complete Beautifully Banal into a full 64 page architecture comic-zine, successfully funded on Kickstarter.  You can order a copy of the zine here.

A World After Humor vol 1.

 Welcome to the world after humor.  The year is 2820 and aesthetics are a crime, qualities are forgotten, and irony is lost.  This dystopic future is ruled by a peculiar group of Bauhaus-style lamps who can only follow protocol and the brutishly smashing robots which destroy first and think second.  Those caught exercising style are charged with treason by the government, but one brave hero will seek to carry out his agenda against all odds.  What's to signal the death of earnestness in architecture?  You're about to find out...