11/10/2015     The Complete Beautifully Banal is now available for purchase at Architecture Hero.

07/07/2015   The Complete Beautifully Banal featured on archdaily.

06/15/2015    The Complete Beautifully Banal, a three part architecture-comic zine is now live on kickstarter!

05/18/2015    An Interior Dialogue (A World After Humor Ch 3) receives an honorable mention in the Morpholio 2015 Inside Competition.

03/17/2015    Beautifully Banal places second in the 2015 Architectural Fairy Tales Competition.  You can read a write-up of the competition here.

02/02/2015   The Center for Role Reversal and The Egotistical Introvert featured on cloudzwatching.

02/01/2015     I sit down with Artworker Gallery to discuss my approach to design through the aid of humor.

12/12/2014      A Question of Qualities (formerly Barnyard Jamboree Pt 2.) featured on cloudzwatching.

10/29/2014     The Barnyard Jamboree featured on cloudzwatching.



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